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Pool Maintenance

Having a pool is great. It is a place to relax and have fun. It gives you a reason to invite friends and family over and it also raises the value of your Delray Beach property. But as all pool owners know, having a pool does take a fair amount of work.

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Pool Inspections

When you are in the market for a new home in the Boynton Beach area, buying one with a pool in the backyard is always an attractive prospect. Who wouldn’t want to be able to take a dip on a hot day or take a minute to tan by the pool all in the comfort of their own home?

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Pool Deep Cleaning

At Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc., we are dedicated to making sure that all our Delray Beach clients receive a superior pool cleaning service that will not be beaten for price, quality or convenience. When you get in touch with us, you can rest assured that you will receive a service that will make sure your pool is cleaned to the highest possible standard without your budget being broken in the process.

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Pool Repairs

Not all pool damage comes from someone dropping tools into an empty pool or other loud accidents. Cracks can develop in the ground and walls of your home quietly and innocently. They can develop from something as simple as the repeated temperature changes which cause concrete to expand and contract. The fact that they can occur this way means they can very easily go unnoticed until the damage is very severe. When you notice a crack in your Boca Raton pool, call Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. immediately! The longer you wait, the larger the crack will become.

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Pool School

At Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc.’s Pool School, we teach you the basics of pool care and then some. You’ll learn the best maintenance strategies for your pool, like how to best net your leaves and how to properly empty skimmer baskets. You’ll be informed about the various chemicals used to keep your pool healthy.

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