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Pool Sales

Some lucky people take annual vacations to the beach so they can relax in the sun and jump into the water for a quick swim whenever they feel like it. The rest of us can recreate that experience by installing an in ground or above ground pool - the only difference is that with a pool, you're never far from all the comforts of home. And you're much less likely to be eaten by a shark.

Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. is Boynton Beach's top choice for sales and installation of both in ground and above ground pools. For a free estimate, just give us a call. We have options for nearly any budget, and the experience and expertise to get you cooling down in your own pool as soon as possible.

What are the advantages of above ground pools?

  • - Above ground pools are easier to maintain. Because they're above the ground, you get easy access to all the components. This means that if something needs to be repaired, it's a much simpler procedure.
  • - Above ground pools are less expensive. Because you don't need to excavate your yard, it is significantly cheaper to install an above ground pool. Money saved on your pool installation means you have more to spend on barbecued meat and cold drinks.
  • - Above ground pools can be installed much more quickly. In addition to saving you money, not needing to dig a giant hole in your yard also means that above ground pools can be installed much more quickly. If you need a pool RIGHT NOW and can't wait for the ground to be excavated, we can have you cooling down in an above ground pool by the weekend.

What are the advantages of in ground pools?

  • - In ground pools seamlessly blend into your yard. It simply looks nicer to have a pool that is level with your grass than to have an above ground pool standing on top of it. It is also easy to add aesthetic features like walkways and landscaping to complement the appearance of an in ground pool.
  • - In ground pools are more durable. The structural components of your pool are protected by the ground, which means they are much less likely to break.
  • - In ground pool designs can be more flexible. If the shape of your property requires you to make an oddly shaped pool, or you just have an unusual design in mind, in ground pools give you the flexibility to create almost anything.
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