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Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc.

Pool Maintenance in Boynton Beach

Pool owners in Boynton Beach depend on the outstanding pool maintenance services of Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc.. With years of experience in the industry, we are the pool specialist you have been searching for.

Our wide service range includes pool cleaning and vacuuming, resurfacing, and pool equipment repair. We are proud to serve both residential and commercial pools and provide our services at outstanding rates.

Contact us at (561) 275-0069 to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment. 

Streamlined Approach to Pool Maintenance

Any pool owner will tell you that it’s a lot of work to keep your pool working at its best. With Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc., you can enjoy your property to its fullest without needing to lift a finger. Discover why countless home and business owners all over Boynton Beach depend on us for their pool maintenance needs.

We provide your pool with both the products and services your pool needs. We are your source for pool chemicals, equipment, and even toys— all for unbeatable rates. We also provide a full range of maintenance services.

Set up a regular pool maintenance schedule and enjoy a beautiful and well-maintained pool at all times. We arrive on your property as frequently as necessary to provide the services you need at rates you’ll love.

Pool Cleaning and Vacuuming

We arrive at your Boynton Beach property with all the equipment necessary for outstanding maintenance and cleaning. We can provide acid washing and deep surface cleaning, leaving no detail overlooked.

We use only the best available vacuums and equipment to clear your pool of any debris or surface accumulation rapidly. We will have your pool looking as good as new.

Our team is proud to service a full range of pools, both indoor and outdoor. Regardless of your pool’s size or condition, we are the company you’ve been looking for.

Pool Equipment Repair

We can also provide you with dependable pool equipment repairs. We repair vacuums, pumps, filters, and other components of your pools.

We repair or replace as needed, with our full inventory of parts and equipment as well as proven hardware. We will provide you with durable and dependable results.

If you have questions about our pool equipment or maintenance services, simply reach out to one of our representatives. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Skilled and Experienced Pool Specialists

Our pool professionals have been serving homes and businesses all over Boynton Beach for a number of years. We have extensive qualifications and training in addition to our years of experience.

Our team has established an excellent reputation for the quality of our services, as well as our prompt availabilities and great rates. We have the skills and resources to serve you and your pool.

Maintain a Clean, Welcoming Pool with Our Experts

For all your pool maintenance needs, the name to know is Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc.. Our team has the products and services your pool needs.

Contact us today to learn more.

Boynton Beach Pool Maintenance

Spend less time cleaning your pool and more time enjoying it with Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc.’s extensive pool maintenance and cleaning services.

We offer full pool maintenance services. Whether you’ve detected a crack in the plaster of your pool, or you’ve noticed algae starting to grow in the water, our team of friendly technicians has a solution.

Contact us today at (561) 275-0069 to learn more!

Trust the Pool Doctors

Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. offers comprehensive pool maintenance services. Some of our most common services include:

Algae Removal

 If your pool has morphed into a swampy mess seemingly overnight, you probably have an algae issue at hand. Our professionals will determine the best chemical mixture to use to rid your pool of that unsightly gunk!

Acid Washing

When your pool water is clean, it will be clear, meaning you can see right down to the bottom. This can be problematic if the lining of your pool is stained. A proper acid washing done by our team will have your pool water clear and clean in no time.

Chemical Balancing

To keep your pool dive-ready, you’ll need to ensure your pool is appropriately chemically balanced at all times. We have just the right balance for your pool.

Filter Washing

Cleaning your filter can be the most time consuming and difficult task of pool maintenance. Why not put your time to better use and let one of our experts do it for you?

Vacuuming and Cleaning

A portable and waterproof vacuum is used by our technicians to rid your pool of any debris that might harm your filter system. We have all the tools necessary to keep your pool looking presentable.

Commercial and Residential Pool Cleaning Services

Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. is pleased to offer regular pool maintenance for both residential and commercial pools. Be it a high-end, Olympic size pool, or a small, backyard dipping pool, you can benefit from our team’s knowledge and expertise. We offer professional services for every pool and budget.

Check Out Our Store for Deals on Quality Pool Maintenance Products

If you’re up to the task of maintaining your pool’s health yourself, why not take a look at our online store? We offer premium quality chemical products (everything we use ourselves!), as well as a variety of pool accessories and toys at discounted prices. We’ll even deliver your order to your door!

Some of the chemicals we offer in-store are:

  • Chlorine
  • Algaecide
  • Phosphate Remover
  • Calcium
  • Acid
  • Salt
  • Sequestering Agents
  • …and more!


Your Local Pool Cleaning Company—Dive in and Discover Our Services Today!

You won’t find friendlier pool technicians than at Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc.. Our customer service is equally exceptional as our pool service. We treat our clients’ homes and businesses with the utmost respect. You can rely on us to perform your pool service on-time, every time. Contact the best pool maintenance company in Boynton Beach today to discuss your pool maintenance service options.



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