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Pool Deep Cleaning in Boca Raton

There’s nothing better than sitting by the pool on one of those beautiful Boca Raton days. We’re lucky to have some of the best weather in the country! Why would you want to live anywhere else? We sure don’t.

Unfortunately, all that sun and heat comes with its own drawbacks if you own a pool. Algae, bacteria and other micro-organisms thrive in wet hot conditions. Regular pool maintenance from a qualified pool cleaner might hold them off up to a certain point. But the risk of permanently staining or damaging your pool, not to mention endangering the lives of your loved ones, remains a constant fear for residents of Boca Raton.

At Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc., we’re more than just pool cleaners. We’re pool doctors! Our goal is to figure out what’s wrong with your pool, diagnose it, and cure it. If regular pool maintenance won’t cut it, it’s time for a deep clean pool service.

How Often Do You Need to Clean the Pool?

It’s recommended that you vacuum your pool and clean the tiles on a weekly basis. When possible, the skimmer should be cleaned daily to avoid having old leaves and hair clog it up. It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s really important! Leaving random debris in your pool can upset the pH balance and attract all sorts of nasty bacteria.

If you don’t clean your pool regularly you’ll start to notice algae building up. Algae uses the sun’s energy to grow. If you don’t treat your pool right, the algae will take over. The water will turn green. Then brown. Then it’ll start to smell.

That’s why it’s very important to have Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. clean your Boca Raton pool.

Why Do I Need a Deep Clean?

After years of neglect, water hardness, bacteria, algae, and amoebas can permanently damage the surface of your pool. The classic examples are huge stains that are next-to-impossible to remove. When that happens, you’ll need to call Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. straight away. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve! Acid wash pool cleaning is one of the only ways to get rid of those stains. We use a combination of muriatic acid and water to spray the sides of the pool. Then we scrub the mixture in and leave it for about a minute. Because the acid is extremely corrosive, we don’t want to leave it on for too long. After rinsing it off, we’ll decide whether we need to repeat the process. When we’re done, we’ll neutralize the water and pump out the remaining water. Then you’re ready to fill it up again!

Is Acid Wash Pool Cleaning a DIY Job?

The short answer is no. Although you can buy muriatic acid from many pool supply stores, it is dangerous to use. Knowledge of how to use it and how to care for it is very important. We can’t stress this enough! If it can strip away the plaster from your pool, you definitely don’t want to get it on your skin or eyes.

Call Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. instead! We’re Boca Raton’s swimming pool deep cleaning experts.

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