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Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc.

Pool Maintenance, Pool Acid Washing / Deep Cleaning Pool and Pool Inspections in Boca Raton and surrounding areas

Pool Accessories in Delray Beach

For all your swimming pool needs, Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. has a complete inventory of pool accessories and equipment.

As a full-service team of pool specialists, we carry only the latest and most effective pool products and materials. We supply everything you need to keep your pool clean, fresh, and functioning efficiently.

You’ll appreciate our unmatched expertise in all varieties of pools, wide range of superior pool product offerings, and great rates.

To request free pricing information on equipment for your swimming pool, reach out to one of our representatives today!

The Widest Selection of Pool Accessories and Pool Supplies

Any pool owner will tell you that installation is only the first step. Extensive supplies are needed to create and maintain fresh, safe water. Your pool’s filter, lining, and other components also need to be well-maintained to ensure years of enjoyable swimming.

To effectively maintain your pool, Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. offers a complete range of the highest quality pool equipment available on the market today. We offer unbeatable low prices on pool cleaning products such as pool telepoles, pool vacuums, skimmer nets, and pool brushes.

We also offer floaters, containing stabilizers and chlorine tablets, zero-point nozzles, pump lid wrenches, and inline leaf canisters. If you are unsure which of our products is best for your swimming pool’s needs, one of our professionals would be glad to provide you with advice and recommendations.

Pool Products and Chemicals to Keep Your Water Fresh and Hygienic

Swimming pool water relies on an intricate blend of the right solutions in the right quantities. Adhering to the proper ratios for your pool chemicals will stabilize your water, keeping it inviting and clean.

We have an extensive inventory of swimming pool chemicals of all types. These can all be purchased in bulk, offering tremendous cost-savings. We are proud to be Delray Beach’s one-stop shop for pool chemicals and solutions such as chlorine, algaecide, phosphate remover, calcium, acid, alkaline, cyanuric acid and as a stabilizer, salt, and sequestering agents.

Our line of outstanding pool products will keep your swimming pool at its best.

Swimming Pool Specialists with Extensive Expertise and Industry Knowledge

Each of our professionals has received extensive training and qualifications and are well-versed in all matters related to swimming pool ownership and maintenance.

We stand behind each of our products and make recommendations of the finest products for your needs. We are familiar with all types of commercial and residential swimming pools, both above-ground and in-ground, and their various components.

We also provide diligent pool inspection services to be able to serve you as precisely and effectively as possible.

Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Swimming Pool Needs

To keep your pool functioning beautifully and efficiently, Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc.’s wide range of exceptional products and dependable services make us Delray Beach’s complete pool expert.

With our outstanding customer service, extensive product line, and competitive prices, we have all the resources you need for proper pool ownership and upkeep.

To learn more about our products and services, or to request free quotes, contact us today.

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