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Firing-Up Pools in Boynton Beach

Have you recently installed or refinished a swimming pool on your Boynton Beach property?

Proper pool fire-up is a necessary component of the process and will determine your pool’s durability and ease-of-maintenance over its lifespan.

Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc.’s dependable, qualified team of pool specialists is pleased to offer fire-up pool services. We ensure a smooth, protected finish that will serve your pool well for years.

Our customer service is exceptional and our expertise in the pool industry is unmatched. We are also pleased to offer competitive pricing and free estimates.

Choose the leader in firing-up pools—contact Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc.!

Pool Fire-Up and Finishing

Many pool-owners are unaware of the importance of properly firing-up pools. It’s an indispensable part of the pool finishing process and must be executed properly to ensure good results.

Pool fire-up is essentially a way of sealing the pool surface and lining for protection. It’s a trademark of pool finishing and is frequently the logical next step after pool plastering. Your pool’s liner will be exposed not only to water but to many chemicals contained in your pool water.

Firing-up pools must be done slowly and patiently—otherwise it will not be successful. It’s a meticulous process involving gradual additions of chemicals in perfectly-measured quantities, followed by brushing. Pool fire-up is completed within the first month of a pool installation or refinishing. Adequate pool fire-up will make maintenance much easier over time.

Our service ensures that your pool can be enjoyed for many years to come. We use state-of-the-art equipment and products for high-standard pool quality and durability. While we work with speed and efficiency, we never compromise for proper results. We undertake each pool fire-up with a patient and meticulous approach.

Curing After a Pool Installation

Pool curing is highly technical and requires perfectly-measured ratios of chemicals such as chlorine, muriatic acid, or sodium bicarbonate. This provides the ideal pH level, alkalinity and calcium hardness.

Pool curing also involves brushing of the pool’s interior and exterior. This removes plaster dust and calcium carbonate which may have accumulated.

After a pool installation, choose Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. to take care of your pool fire-up. As an industry-leading pool service in Boynton Beach, we’re committed to outstanding service and a perfect finished product.

Contact us today to learn more about firing-up pools!

Boynton Beach Pool Service

We provide pool owners with all major maintenance and repair services. We’re expertly familiar with all different types of pools, both old and new.

Our services begin with an initial consultation and assessment, which is free of charge and without obligation. We’ll then advise and recommend the best course of action, providing you with a comprehensive schedule and estimate for the work your pool requires.

Pool fire-up is just one of our many specialties. We specialize in all services related to pool maintenance, proactive pool treatments, acid-washing, and deep-cleaning of pools.

We’re also a highly reputable vendor, selling and delivering pool chemicals, equipment, and even toys.

For a full-service team of specialists who can keep your pool in perfect working order at all times, reach out to Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc.!

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