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Dive into a Deep Clean!

Few things depreciate your home's outdoor aesthetic than a green, sludge-filled, and algae-infested pool. If your pool is in dire need of a deep clean, this blog will give you the pro tips you need to turn that pool around 180 degrees.

Tip #1: Remove debris first.

All those leaves, sticks, and other gooey gunk is organic matter that consumes chlorine. By scooping out the debris from your pool water first, you'll lower the amount of chlorine you need to sanitize the water later. For example, during one of our standard deep clean services, our pool technicians:

Remember, use your elbow grease! The more algae you can scrape off the walls and scoop from the water now, the easier the next steps will be.

Tip #2: Invest in a pH testing kit.

Maintaining a crystal-clear pool is a science. The second step to deep cleaning your pool water is getting the pH level in the correct, neutral range, that is, between 7.2 and 7.6. You'll also want to check that the water has an appropriate amount of CYA, ideally between 30-60 ppm. At these levels, your chlorine 'shock' treatment will be most effective. By the way, you can find many top-rated brands and types of chorine products, like E-Z Chlor Tabs, at Palm Beach Pool Doctor's online store.

There's so much chemistry behind the process of cleaning a pool that these convenient test strips will become your great friends. Without them, it's like cleaning your pool with a blindfold on-ineffective!

Tip #3: Clean your filter daily.

For very dirty pools, it may take several days to kill off all the algae floating around and clinging to the surfaces in your pool. During that time, we recommend cleaning the filter at least once a day. Algae is sneaky and tends to build up quickly in these hidden areas. Pools stay at their best when the pumps are running 24/7. Many homeowners don't have the budget to keep their filter on all the time, and if that's the case for you, we suggest aiming to allot your filter an 8-hour workday. The more water circulation you give your pool, the cleaner your water will be.

Since you're outside anyway, give those walls another brush down! Again, the more algae you can dislodge manually, the less time the whole shock treatment will take.

Tip #4 Don't neglect the pool deck.

As you walk around your pool day after day, the deck surrounding your pool is bound to accumulate dirt, bacteria, and more of those dreaded algae spores from used equipment and the bottom of your shoes. Keep that surface clean and pristine with regular sweeping (or better yet, pressure washing) to avoid accidentally tracking contaminants into the water.

Cleaning a pool is a labor-intensive affair. If you'd rather spend more time enjoying your pool than cleaning it, consider outsourcing your pool maintenance to the pros. Palm Beach Pool Doctor is at your service for cost-effective, routine pool cleaning services year-round. Drop us a line for a quote!

Wondering what you need to keep your pool in tip-top condition? Take a look at our four essentials for pool maintenance. You'll learn:

Read on to learn more.

1. Check the Skimmer Box

Your skimmer box will filter out most debris and particles in the water. But you should clean it out regularly to ensure it can do its job effectively.

How often? Check your skimmer box roughly once a week. Remove it and empty any contents a safe distance from the pool.

Item Recommendation: If you need a new skimmer basket, we have you covered. Check out the HAY & STA Skimmer Basket, as well as countless other options, on our online shop.

2. Skim the Top

While the skimmer box does a good job removing most debris, it won't remove it all. You'll need to remove the remnants manually if you want your pool as clean as can be.

How often? If you want to maintain a clean pool, you should skim the water daily. Before jumping in, take a quick peek and skim off any debris you see.

Item Recommendation: You'll need a telescoping pole and a mesh net. The Lion Pool telescoping pole gets our commendation, as does the Pool Style Deluxe Leaf Skimmer. Both are stellar options for those just starting out.

3. Vacuum the Surface

To prevent stains, grime, and sediment buildup, you'll want to vacuum the walls and floors of your inground pool.

How often? You should vacuum your pool at least once a week, and perhaps as much as every other day, depending on how dirty it gets.

Item Recommendation: If you want something more affordable, a manual vacuum like the Pool Style Flexible Vacuum Head will do the trick. To use it, you'll need the same Lion Pool telescoping pole as we used for the skimmer, as well as a vacuum hose.

If you want something a little less labor-intensive, you have a range of options. Suction-side pool cleaners, such as the Pentair-Dorado, offer a hassle-free experience by attaching to your pool skimmer. Alternatively, you can go with a robotic cleaner like the Dolphin Echo. Though the easiest option, robotic cleaners are also the most expensive. But if you have the money, they're well worth it.

4. Brush the Sides

In addition to vacuuming, you'll also need to brush the sides of your pool to scrub off oils, algae, and other residues.

How often? Once or twice a week, you'll want to brush the pool ladders, corners, and walls.

Item Recommendation: Along with a telescoping pole, you'll need a good-quality brush with nylon or steel bristles. The type of brush you need will depend on the type of pool you have:

Looking for More Pool Maintenance Tools? Palm Beach Pool Doctor Has You Covered

With hundreds of items in store, Palm Beach Pool Doctor is your one-stop pool maintenance shop. From children's pool toys to pool testing kits, we have everything you need to make the most of your home's summer haven.

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How to Deep Clean Your Pool

Cleaning your own pool is a fantastic way to save money and keep swimmers happy and healthy. It's easy to do, too-all you need is the right know-how and the proper tools.

If you're not sure where to begin, our expert pool contractors are here to help. Read on as we break down the basics of how to give your pool a much-needed deep clean.

1. Come Equipped with the Right Pool Supplies

Half the battle in pool cleaning is having the proper equipment in your arsenal. While you don't need a storage shed full of specialized accessories or shelves stocked with countless chemicals, you will need a few key items to do the job well.

By the way, we sell and deliver a broad array of essential pool cleaning equipment in our shop. Follow the links to explore the products we have in stock.

  1. A telescopic pole: Without this trusty extendable pole, you won't be able to reach the nooks and crannies that are prone to algae growth. This tool is a must-have. Your back will thank you for it.
  2. A leaf net: While it may be possible to collect leaves and debris from your pool water manually, you'll save hours of hard labor with this handy accessory.
  3. A pool brush: This removable gadget attaches to the end of your telescopic pole to make light work of washing the walls, steps, and other flat surfaces in and around your pool.
  4. A pool vacuum: Unless you want to practice scuba diving, you're going to want to invest in a quality pool vacuum to clean the bottom floor of your pool.
  5. A chemical test kit and pool chemicals: A test kit is an easy-to-use way to analyze and rebalance your pool's chemistry. No science degree necessary.

2. Skimming the Pool

To get started, remove as much floating debris as you can with your leaf skimmer. Organic materials eat up chlorine, so the more you can remove, the better.

3. Clean the Pool Filter

This part you can do manually, yet it's essential to the basic sanitation of your pool. Remove and dispose of any debris that your filter has collected. If it's really dirty, you may want to consider backwashing the filter to flush away anything potentially clogging the system.

4. Vacuuming the Pool

Vacuuming a pool is just like vacuuming a carpet. Use your pool vacuum to suck up dust, dirt, small rocks, and debris from the bottom floor. We recommend using a steady hand for this process, as moving the vacuum too quickly can cause sediment to disperse and re-enter the water.

5. Brushing the Pool

This step requires elbow grease. You'll need to apply some force to dislodge stubborn algae build-up from the walls of your pool. Typically, we find that areas with stagnant water, such as corners tend to accumulate the most gunk.

6. Rebalance pH and Chlorine Levels

Lastly, you get to play at-home chemist and break out your test kit to evaluate the pH and chlorine levels of your pool. Thankfully, you don't have to be a real scientist to do this, as test kits come with easy-to-use instructions and color-coded indicators that tell you how much or how little product you need to add.

Need some help turning that pool from green to blue? Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. proudly serves and delivers our products to Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and beyond. Don't hesitate to drop us a line at (561) 275-0069 for some professional assistance!

We hate to admit it, but we all know that owning a swimming pool isn't always fun and games. In fact, owning a pool is bound to take a lot of hard work and dedication.

It's always best to invest in top-quality pool installation and maintenance to avoid as many problems as possible. Not only does a pool need a good filtration system or high-performing pump, but it requires precise care and attention for it to function optimally. That's where pool equipment and pool chemicals come in.

The Palm Beach Pool Doctor proudly provides comprehensive pool maintenance services that take the stress off your shoulders. And, if you're set on handling certain aspects of the upkeep yourself, we will equip you with all the necessary tools and products.

Our online shop is chock-full of everything you need to maintain a pool correctly. Feel free to look through our catalog after reading this article. If you happen to have any questions or concerns about where to start, get in touch with us and speak with an expert.

Here is a quick breakdown of the basics of pool maintenance.

Pool Chemicals for Balanced Water Chemistry

No one wants to swim in a pool that has too much chlorine in it or isn't the right color. Plus, this can even be hazardous for your health.

Since it's extremely inconvenient to drain and refill your pool every time something is off, you need to have the right pool chemicals handy to purify the water. And you should have some knowledge of how to use these specific products. It's essential to master your pool chemistry or hire a qualified professional-like us-instead.

Step 1: Test the Water

With a trusted test kit, start by assessing the water balance of your pool. Dip a test strip into the water and compare the resulting color to the chart that comes with your kit. Typically, your swimming pool should have a pH balance between 7.2 and 7.6. Add a pH decreasing or pH increasing agent as needed.

Step 2: Check the Sanitizer Levels

Whether it's chlorine, salt, or bromine, assess the sanitizer levels. If they're too high, don't worry-the sun will take care of it. If they're too low, add in some sanitizer. It's as simple as that.

Step 3: Shock the Water and Add Algaecide

To destroy contaminants and remove residue from your pool, you must shock your water regularly. Invest in a top-quality algaecide like AlgaeTech - Easy Care Algae Remover. Use it weekly to ensure that your water quality is always at its best.

Pool Chemical Safety Tips

Pool chemicals come in handy to solve all kinds of water problems, but they can also be dangerous to both humans and animals alike. It's crucial to handle them with caution and always pay attention to what you're doing. Certain chemicals can cause rashes and skin irritations while others are especially hazardous if ingested.

Before you attempt to balance your pool's water chemistry, be sure to read product labels and warnings. What's more, you should always adhere to the following standard safety precautions:

Pool Equipment for Clean Water

Be honest. Are you prepared to keep your pool the cleanest it can be? If the answer is yes, then you should expect to tend to it on a regular basis, and you'll need all the following pool equipment to get the job done right.

Step 1: Skim the Water

Using a pool skimmer, you'll first need to skim the surface of the pool to collect any leaves and debris. Make sure to cover the pool's entire surface from top to bottom as best as you can. To do so, you can look through the different nets and poles available in our shop. We have a wide variety of pole lengths, allowing you to reach near and far. We also have a broad selection of nets in all shapes and sizes.

Step 2: Brush the Walls

This step is often overlooked, as it's probably the most challenging part of the pool cleaning process. We want to make brushing the walls of your basin as simple as possible, and that's why we offer various high-quality brushes to choose from.

The bristles on the A&B Algae Brush are perfect for removing tough algae, while others like the A&B - 3ft Nylon Wall Brush allow you to cover more ground at once. Again, we offer many different poles to attach to your brushes so that you can be comfortable working in both the shallow end and the deep end.

Step 3: Vacuum All Surfaces

Finally, the final step involves picking up what's left at the bottom of your pool. Thanks to our cutting-edge vacuum technology, you can now pick up all the nitty and gritty pieces.

Not sure which system is best for your needs? Give us a call, and we'll be glad to give you our professional recommendations.

Contact The Palm Beach Pool Doctor for More Pool Maintenance Tips

Browse our web store for all your pool maintenance needs. If you're still not clear on what chemicals and equipment you need to maintain pool health, contact The Palm Beach Pool Doctor today. We'll be sure to guide you in the right direction. Plus, if you're hoping to outsource pool upkeep entirely, we're happy to take over at any time. Reach to us to request a service quote!

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