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Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc.

Pool Maintenance, Pool Acid Washing / Deep Cleaning Pool and Pool Inspections in Delray Beach and surrounding areas


Employment Opportunities:

As South Florida grows, the need for pool companies and pool technicians grows as well. More homes are being built and a majority of them are being built with pools and spas. Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. will continue to grow to meet the needs of the community. At certain times we will be looking for individuals who are experienced or inexperienced to train to do this service. We are looking only for serious minded individuals who care about themselves and their customers. This business is year round and a properly trained technician can make a very comfortable living cleaning and maintaining pools.

We put all our technicians through extensive training and make sure they are exposed to as much technical and chemical information as possible. Believe it or not there is a lot of environmental and biological training that is also needed to identify organisms and issues that will arise at each pool. Every pool is different and technicians need to think on their feet with the knowledge they acquire through experience. Identifying types of algae, styles of pumps, valve settings, sanitation systems, heaters, identifying bather loads, commercial pools vs. residential pools, and dealing with customers are only some of the things that a technician will be exposed to before being allowed to service pools for Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc..

It has been our experience that a person who has genuine desire and very little experience in pool maintenance sometimes makes a better pool technician. Sometimes people bring bad habits along with them in life and this affects their future habits. With extensive training we hope to lend good habits as well as good attitudes to every technicians arsenal. Whatever your background if you have the inspiration to train, gain experience and keep an open mind we are accepting applications. Please go to the Contact Us section and let us know you are interested. Remember we will try to accommodate as our business grows.

CPO License:

This is a Nationwide Certification that every pool tech should have. A Certified Pool and Spa Operators License shows the customer that you posses more knowledge that most other pool techs. This knowledge is necessary and is required to service commercial pools that are regulated by the Board of Health. Classes can be taken to teach technicians how to comply with the standards of the Board of Health, then a test is given to receive certification. Do you need a CPO to service swimming pools, not really. The difference between other companies and Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. is that we train and give experience to our technicians and we guide them to this place where they feel confident to do this. We want all our technicians to be experts and have the customers health in mind as well as a stable position in our company that will allow them to live comfortably knowing they have done the best job possible for their customers.

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