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Pool Toys: Must-Haves for Any Swimmer

As the weather gets warmer, everyone gravitates towards the water. If you’re a sucker for life by the pool, you aren’t alone. Thousands of us enjoy lounging in and around our backyard and community pools.  While diving, swimming laps, and floating lazily are enjoyable in themselves, some swimmers like to turn the excitement up a notch.

Here at Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc., pool toys are our specialty. Whether you’re keeping your kids occupied or livening up a pool party, our selection of pool toys has something for everyone.

With so many options for pool toys, we’ve narrowed it down to some of our favorites. Give them a try and discover yours! From lounging and lazing to diving and dashing, we’ve got everything you and your pool need.  

Read on, stock up, and make a splash with the latest pool toys!

1) Games

No need to leave pool activities and games up to your imagination. We’ve got a selection of the latest toys and games perfectly suited to kids (and grownups) of all ages!

Test your aim with this awesome giant ring toss set, made by SwimLine, featuring a 5-foot-tall base and five individual floating rings! For those preferring something a little smaller, we also carry a miniature 3-ring toss game made by Jet Creations.

Practice your speed and breathing with this awesome SwimLine dive sticks game. Race to the bottom of the pool and retrieve yours first. The set of five lets everyone have a turn.  

We have dive rings, too.

For a guaranteed action-packed pool activity, check out the Super Hoops Basketball set by SwimLine. Everyone can join in on this fun, easy-to-assemble set.

Our pool glider planes or torpedoes are perfect for playing catch, or for testing out that perfect landing. We’ve got all your game supplies—the rest is up to you!

2) Floaties and Noodles

Whether you’re racing around in a flotilla or floating aimlessly for hours on end, revel in the fun and relaxation of a good old fashioned floatie. Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. has lots to choose from!

These specially built inflatable floaties will offer years of fun in the sun. To suit everyone, we offer floaties in the following fun shapes:

We’ve got a full range of awesome pool noodles, as well. Newer swimmers will love our water wings with new 3D graphics!

3) Beach Balls

Every aquatically inclined person knows the familiar slap of a beach ball hitting the water. Toss one of our beach balls into the pool, and we can bet you’ll be jumping in right after it.

Have a look at our amazing illuminated beach ball by PoolCandy, perfect for day and night swimming alike. Embrace your patriotic side with this American flag beach ball, or think globally with the inflatable earth!

4) Goggles and Masks

Don’t let a splash keep you from seeing the action in our pool! We are your source for the latest swim masks, goggles, and snorkels. We’ve got ear and nose plugs, too.

These are just a few examples of our many quality, affordable pool toys and products. If you have a question about an item you don’t see, give us a call!

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