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Deep Cleaning Pool in Delray Beach

Without the right guidance, giving your pool a deep clean can be difficult. Without the right equipment? It’s impossible.

Luckily, Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. is able to help you on both fronts. Whether you’re looking for assistance in cleaning your in-ground pool or you’re just looking for the right nylon wall brush for the job, we’re the team for you.

In the interest of saving you a lot of stress, time, and money, we’ve decided to throw together a little primer on keeping your pool clean.

The Importance of Keeping Your Pool Clean

There are few things as wonderful as having a pool in the comfort of your own home. It is a luxury not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy. With the many enjoyments that come from a backyard pool comes a whole lot of responsibility.

The high temperatures and steady sunshine of Delray Beach make it one of the perfect pool communities in America. This climate of ours also makes any pool the perfect breeding ground for the many micro-organisms and bacteria that can compromise a pool’s health.

It sounds a like a cruel joke but it’s true!

That’s why any pool, whether it is used regularly or not, requires regular cleaning.

Cleaning a pool isn’t rocket science but it also isn’t as simple as scrubbing the railings with a cloth. There are many tasks, but not all of them need to be carried out on a weekly—or even biweekly—basis.

One relatively simple weekly task is skimming. With a leaf skimmer, you or your pool doctor can simply skim the surface of the pool’s water, removing leaves, debris, insects, and any other floating object. Having a decent leaf skimmer is essential. Thankfully, they’re also quite affordable.

Clean Your Pool Filter!

Checking your pool’s filter is another essential weekly task. All the water that’s pumped into your pool has to first pass through the filter, which acts as a barrier for unwanted contaminants. Without a clean pool filter, small bits of debris and bacteria will find their way into your pool water. It won’t take long for that pool to become unsuitable for swimming in! Pool filters such as the Jandy – CS Cartridge are easy to clean, and they’re perfect for most residential pools.

Acid Washing Your Delray Beach Pool

Every so often—once a year, or every several years—you might need to give your pool a really deep clean. The deepest clean imaginable comes from acid washing your pool.

Over time, you might notice that your pool’s plaster has changed color. Maybe it has turned from white to blue or even gray. You might even drain your pool to try to scrub these sickly stains from the plaster, but to no avail.

To remove these stains from your pool, you need to acid wash your pool. During this process, your pool is drained and scrubbed. After your pool has been scrubbed down, muriatic acid is applied to the plaster’s surfaces. This type of acid is strong––so strong in fact that it will remove all these stains, and the entire topcoat of plaster along with it.

Pool Cleaning by Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc.

Acid washing is one of the pool cleaning tasks that many homeowners don’t feel comfortable carrying out on their own. If you’re looking to rid your pool of unwanted green algae, or you’re just looking to give your pool a fresh clean, call Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. and ask about our cleaning services!

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