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No person who spends hundreds—or thousands—of dollars on their private pool wants it to fall victim to stains and needless decay. Yet from time to time, stains appear. Chances are you’re too busy to give your pool an aggressive daily cleaning to keep this from happening. You might be surprised to learn though, that even a busy homeowner can take care of their pool. You just need the right information, the right skills, and the right tools. At Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. we’re all aware that those three things are hard to come by on the Internet. The World Wide Web is rife with misinformation, falsely advertised products, and shady entrepreneurs who make big promises they can’t keep. That’s why we’ve decided to take it upon ourselves to educate you on the basics of pool stain prevention. What causes pool stains? How can you get rid of them? How can you prevent them from appearing? Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. will answer all these questions and more.

Pool Plaster Management

Most pools are lined with plaster. This isn’t just a coincidence, and it’s not just because plaster is affordable (though it is!). Consisting of cement and marble dust, pool plaster is extremely water-resistant and quite durable. With these benefits also come some downsides: pool plaster is quite porous. All those little pores can easily become home to little pigment deposits––if a pool owner is not careful. Contaminants from rainwater could stain pool plaster, as could metal pool equipment or children’s toys. Clothing dye could also be responsible for pool stains, believe it or not. What is the most common cause of pool stains? Organic matter like leaves, branches, and dead insects. Knowing that, the appearance of a pool stain makes a whole lot of sense, doesn’t it? Now we can look at how to prevent these stains from occurring at all.

How to Prevent Pool Stains

Though Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. sells a variety of pool stain removal products, we are firm believers in preventative pool care and maintenance. Your pool is like any other investment. In order to preserve its value and ensure continued enjoyment, you need to practice active pool care. A few minutes of minor pool care each day can save you from a major catastrophe in the future. One product we recommend to all our pool owners is the Spa Pure Stain and Scale Preventer. This easy to use concentrated formula prevents scale (stain) formation, protects your pool from cloudy water and can even eliminate existing stains! Another great product to keep in your arsenal is the ORB-3 Solutions Pool Enzymes Pro. This helpful product conditions your pool’s water to naturally rid itself of harsh oils, organic materials and other trace contaminants. Not only that, ORB-3’s Pool Enzymes help keep your pool filter clean! With these items, several others, and a quality pool brush, you should be more than a few steps ahead of any problematic pool stains. Would you like to hear about other pool care products? Give Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. a call! We’d love to hear from you.

Few things are as frustrating as making a several-thousand-dollar investment only to have it quickly ruined by factors outside of your control. Pool owners know the feeling of this sting acutely. There are a ton of good reasons to buy a pool, after all—and enjoyment of your home’s outdoor space with friends and family ranks highly at the top of most Delray Beach residents’ list. However, when you re-plaster the pool lining, and it becomes stained within a week or two, your splash pad can feel like, well, a burden.

Plaster is a great material to line a pool with. It’s a classic for a reason. It’s inexpensive, water-resistant, and relatively durable. But it’s also filled with millions of tiny pores that can hold onto pigment deposits effectively. So a stained pool is a reality that 90% of plaster-lined pool owners will face. All of us here at Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. will go over how to identify common stains and what to do about them. We’ve thrown in a couple direct links to products on our website that we can deliver to you for easy stain identification and removal.

What Color is Your Pool Liner Stain?

Well, color is not actually a great indicator of what might be causing a stain in a pool. It’s more of a rule-of-thumb. The only way to correctly identify what is causing a stain in your pool with 100% certainty is to either call a pool cleaning technician or to use a stain removal verification kit.

These kits are inexpensive. They’re not 100% necessary, but I do recommend them. These kits remove all the guesswork from pool stain treatment and cuts down on the number of products you’re likely to try.

We’ve got a great one over in the store. Stain Drop’s Stain Removal Verification Kit is the kit I carry. It contains three unique surface tests to pinpoint exactly what’s causing your stain.

Reddish-Brown, Maroon, or Dark Stains

Cause: Dark, reddish stains often signal metal rust in the pool. Either you’ve got metals contaminating the pool for rainwater or a coin or electronic device fell in. Doesn’t really matter, it stains either way!

Treatment: Any of Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc.’s pool stain removers that treat metals. I especially recommend Sea Klear’s Metal Klear product. It’s affordable, can be used in salt pools, and tackles a wide range of metals to keep them in solution—and off your plaster.

Red-Blue Stains

Cause: Berries falling from nearby trees are the most likely culprit.

Treatment: Natural Chemistry’s Purge. Perfect for quickly clearing out organic stains.

Greenish-Brown Stains

Cause: Possibly precipitated copper ions, but more likely to be organic waste from falling leaves or bugs.

Treatment: Clear the pool of solid organic matter with a pool skimmer. Then shock it with a pool shock product to prevent algae overgrowth. Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. carries Shockwave, a really affordable treatment, here on our online site.

Free Local Delivery, Expertise You Can Trust

We hope you’ve enjoyed our brief blog entry on pool stains. If you want to know more, give us a call. Alternatively, click on any of the links above to be redirected to Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc.’s online store. We offer free local delivery in the Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and Bonton Beach areas, and advice you can trust to back it up!

What to Know About Pool Maintenance in Delray Beach

Most homeowners in Delray Beach dream of relaxing next to their own pool after work. Lounging poolside with the kids on a hot summer’s day is everybody’s idea of a good time. But for many, that fantasy vision fails to account for the hard and grueling work of maintaining the pool so everybody can enjoy it.

The simple fact of the matter is that pool maintenance is an important household chore that keeps your pool a healthy and safe place for you and your loved ones to swim. At Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc., we’ve made our names by being the best of the many pool companies in the Delray Beach area. And so, who better to produce a guide on the importance of regular pool maintenance than us?

Take a look at this guide and let us know if you have any further questions.

Is Pool Maintenance Hard?

Many Delray Beach homeowners don’t envision how difficult regular pool maintenance can be. The rule of thumb is that you should expect to spend as much time caring for your pool as the part of the yard it replaced. If you think of long afternoons spent drenched in sweat mowing the lawn, that’s about the equivalent amount of energy you’ll spend on weekly pool care.

And don’t think about installing robotic pool cleaners. They can’t keep up with dust and debris like human maintenance can. There is no substitute for sweat and hard work when it comes to maintaining the correct pH balance and keeping your pool free of algae and bacteria.

What is Involved in Pool Maintenance?

The principles behind pool maintenance are pretty simple. You need to keep the pool’s surface and floor free of debris and dirt. This requires sweeping and manually removing leaves and other garbage with a pool skimmer.

You will also need to spend time testing and balancing the chemicals used to clean the pool. Chlorine is commonly used and is inexpensive, but you will want to read your pool’s instructions as provided by the manufacturer to find out what products are best to sterilize your pool with.

There can be too much of a good thing, however. If you add too much product to sterilize your pool, you or your children can experience irritation and even chemical burns. Not enough, and your pool gets overrun with algae and looks like a swamp. As you can see, maintaining a healthy pool Is tough stuff.

Is Pool Maintenance Expensive?

It doesn’t have to be! When it comes to affordable weekly pool maintenance, Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. keeps afloat by providing the best customer service at low rates. We dunk our competitors by establishing winning relationships with all our clients in Delray Beach and beyond.

If you’re looking to find out how we can take the back-bending work out of keeping your pool safe and healthy for you and your loved ones, give us a call today! And bookmark this page, because we’ll always update it with pool maintenance tips and tricks.

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