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Acid Washing or Deep Cleaning Pools

Once in a while your pool will need a thorough, deep cleaning. Acid washing is an extreme cleaning process that Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. knows how to do. It could be that your pool plaster is very old and stained from algaecides, landscape debris sitting in the pool for a long time, or suffers from neglect of the pool chemistry. An acid wash will strip away a layer of plaster and give a uniform look to the pool finish.

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Does My Pool Need an Acid Wash?

Over time, the plaster surface on your pool may become stained with algae and decaying organic material. These discolored spots can ruin the appearance of your pool. The water may be clean, blue, and clear—but that just makes the stains even more visible. No matter how much you scrub it, the stains will remain. What can you do?

Hire Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. to acid wash your pool. Our specially designed mixture of muriatic acid and commercial grade cleaners doesn't just clean the surface: It gets deep down into the plaster itself, taking off a very thin layer and eliminating every last trace of the troublesome stains. Once your pool is stained, this is the only pool cleaning technique that's proven to turn back the clock—to the day your pool was first installed.

If you think your pool might need acid washing, but you're not 100% sure, give us a call for a pool inspection. Our experts will run a series of tests to determine the nature and depth of your stains. Sometimes, a chlorine solution will do the trick, and you can eliminate the stains without a full acid treatment. Leave it to us for an honest appraisal. We’ll determine the quickest and most economical method to make your stain-related stress a thing of the past. Call us now to book an appointment!

Affordable Deep Cleaning for Pools

It's a fact, pools are expensive to maintain. But that doesn't mean every pool service has to be. We keep our prices low so that you can afford to keep your pool clean and your swimmers healthy all year round. Just ask us for a quote and compare it to the local competition—we'll beat their prices any day!

Over the years, we have become the region's leading pool cleaning and maintenance company. This is due to our commitment to providing reliable pool cleaning services at low costs. Our clients stick with us for years because they trust our work and love our prices.

Experienced Acid Washing Specialists

Unlike other methods of pool cleaning, acid washing requires an expert's knowledge of chemistry. To get the right combination of elements for your pool, we mix our own cleaning supplies. This gives us an extra level of control and cleaning power that other companies cannot compete with.

Rest assured, the pool contractors on our crew are licensed and trained to handle these substances. Muriatic acid, the primary chemical used in our standard acid washing service, is highly corrosive. As professionals, we strictly adhere to all industry regulations, and implement in-house safety practices and protocols to ensure your pool stays in tip-top shape.

We also run an online shop where you can purchase pool care chemicals for affordable prices. Feel free to contact our staff for professional advice on how to properly administer these products with your (and your pool’s) safety in mind.

With years of experience, our acid washing specialists will quickly diagnose your pool problem and create a custom-tailored solution for your pool. Call us now to learn more and book an appointment with the region's most trusted pool cleaners.

Acid Washing and Pool Maintenance: The Professional Difference

Acid washing works by removing a thin layer of your pool’s plaster surface. Too high a concentration of the acid will eat away at the outer layer quickly, ultimately decreasing your pool’s overall lifespan. It’s essential to dilute the acid precisely to protect the plaster. Too much acid will cause damage to your pool. Too little will leave the stains untouched. Unlike other companies, we don’t overuse chemicals. We rely on our skills instead of the strength of the acid. That’s why we always administer the mildest solution possible. We mix our acid washes with diligence and care to protect your plaster as much as possible. We then scrub stains by hand to ensure only a razor-thin layer of plaster comes off—only what’s absolutely necessary to make your pool clean and stain-free.

Frequent Acid Washing Will Improve Your Pool

As a general rule, we suggest that you acid wash your pool at least once a year. However, depending on the conditions that your pool is subject to, it may require more frequent cleaning. Especially if the pH levels are incorrect or if you're not maintaining it on a regular basis. If the water in your pool becomes cloudy and you can't get it clean, call us to take a closer look.

In fact, although acid washing requires the use of dangerous chemicals like muriatic acid, it actually lessens your need for chemicals throughout the rest of the year. This not only improves the quality of your pool's water and improves the health of swimmers, but it also lowers your environmental impact in the long run.

From Green to Clean: Our Pool Repair Process

Over our time in business, we have refined our process, allowing us to guarantee quick turnarounds and top-notch work. We take a careful and systematic approach to our pool service, helping us to ensure a flawless pool clean. We will leave your property safe and your pool ready to be enjoyed.

We would like to take this time to explain a bit more about what goes into our acid washing pool maintenance. Our process entails:

  • Assessing your property and determining the extent of work to be done
  • Creating a schedule that is convenient for you
  • Arriving in a timely manner and ready to work
  • Draining the water from your pool
  • Scrubbing and sweeping away algae and leaves
  • Spraying the pool tiles down with water
  • Applying the acid cleaner
  • Neutralizing the leftover acid and then pumping it out of your pool
  • Refilling your pool and balancing the chemical levels

Acid Washing for Colored Plaster Pools

Reveal the Full Beauty of Colored Plaster

Pool plaster is commonly installed as a white surface. However, if you’re willing to increase your budget, you can add a colored aggregate to the plaster and achieve underwater hues of blue, grey, or even red. Colored plaster is a fairly costly upgrade from standard plasters, however, a multi-colored surface glimmering beneath crystal-clear pool water is a beautiful sight to behold and often worth the extra dollars. Unfortunately, the process of installing colored plaster causes a dull, cement haze to cover the surface of the pool, effectively hiding the stunning colors that you paid so dearly to see. What do you do? The fastest way to reveal those masked colors in all their glory is a professional acid wash. Without chemicals, it may take up to 3 years for those bright colors to shine through.

Acid washing will immediately take off that unsightly concrete and reveal the beauty underneath. After one acid wash, you should see instant results. Our technicians take great care to protect the integrity of new plaster installations. You can depend on us to use a mild acid solution, combined with extensive manual brushing, to ensure the plaster stays strong for a lifetime of use.

A Pool Cleaner with a History of Client Satisfaction

Here at Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc., we do everything we can do accommodate our clients. For us, this means going above and beyond to guarantee that we do our best work on every job we take on. But you don’t just have to take our word for it—we have been honored to receive a great number of positive testimonials over the years from our many satisfied clients. The care and attention that we put into our work have helped us create many loyal customers who trust us for their pool upkeep. What’s more, we are also proud to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Leave It to the Professional Acid Washers

Although it is possible to buy DIY acid washing products from pool suppliers, we strongly recommended hiring a company that is experienced with this process. Without proper training and protective equipment, applying an acid wash can be a potentially dangerous process. For this reason, why not put your feet up and let the experts at Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. take care of your pool maintenance?

Convenient Payment Methods for Pool Maintenance

We aim to make your entire pool cleaning process a hassle-free experience. One of the ways we achieve this is by making sure it is as straightforward as possible to pay for our services. We accept a variety of payment options, including credit cards, cash, checks, and debit. Not only that, but we also have a convenient payment page on our website where you can directly pay off your invoice.

Make Your Pool Look as Good as New

When properly cared for, pools can last for many years, and every pool could benefit from a deep clean every once and a while. Our thorough and effective acid washing process will help remove algae stains as well as calcium that has built up on your tile throughout the season. Our professional cleaning will leave your pool looking beautiful and ready to dive in. Contact us today to help restore the luster of your swimming pool.

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