Pro Pool Cleaning Tips

Dive into a Deep Clean!

Few things depreciate your home's outdoor aesthetic than a green, sludge-filled, and algae-infested pool. If your pool is in dire need of a deep clean, this blog will give you the pro tips you need to turn that pool around 180 degrees.

Tip #1: Remove debris first.

All those leaves, sticks, and other gooey gunk is organic matter that consumes chlorine. By scooping out the debris from your pool water first, you'll lower the amount of chlorine you need to sanitize the water later. For example, during one of our standard deep clean services, our pool technicians:

  • Skim floating debris
  • Clean the baskets
  • Clean the filter
  • Vacuum the pool floor
  • Brush pool walls
  • Clean pool accessories

Remember, use your elbow grease! The more algae you can scrape off the walls and scoop from the water now, the easier the next steps will be.

Tip #2: Invest in a pH testing kit.

Maintaining a crystal-clear pool is a science. The second step to deep cleaning your pool water is getting the pH level in the correct, neutral range, that is, between 7.2 and 7.6. You'll also want to check that the water has an appropriate amount of CYA, ideally between 30-60 ppm. At these levels, your chlorine 'shock' treatment will be most effective. By the way, you can find many top-rated brands and types of chorine products, like E-Z Chlor Tabs, at Palm Beach Pool Doctor's online store.

There's so much chemistry behind the process of cleaning a pool that these convenient test strips will become your great friends. Without them, it's like cleaning your pool with a blindfold on-ineffective!

Tip #3: Clean your filter daily.

For very dirty pools, it may take several days to kill off all the algae floating around and clinging to the surfaces in your pool. During that time, we recommend cleaning the filter at least once a day. Algae is sneaky and tends to build up quickly in these hidden areas. Pools stay at their best when the pumps are running 24/7. Many homeowners don't have the budget to keep their filter on all the time, and if that's the case for you, we suggest aiming to allot your filter an 8-hour workday. The more water circulation you give your pool, the cleaner your water will be.

Since you're outside anyway, give those walls another brush down! Again, the more algae you can dislodge manually, the less time the whole shock treatment will take.

Tip #4 Don't neglect the pool deck.

As you walk around your pool day after day, the deck surrounding your pool is bound to accumulate dirt, bacteria, and more of those dreaded algae spores from used equipment and the bottom of your shoes. Keep that surface clean and pristine with regular sweeping (or better yet, pressure washing) to avoid accidentally tracking contaminants into the water.

Cleaning a pool is a labor-intensive affair. If you'd rather spend more time enjoying your pool than cleaning it, consider outsourcing your pool maintenance to the pros. Palm Beach Pool Doctor is at your service for cost-effective, routine pool cleaning services year-round. Drop us a line for a quote!

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