When to Acid-Wash Your Pool

Hello readers, and welcome to another blog post from the Palm Beach Pool Doctors. Today, we are here to share a little of our expert knowledge on pool acid washing-a popular topic among many pool enthusiasts-and a contentious one, as you will soon learn.

Specifically, we are going to take some time to talk about the frequency at which a pool should be acid-washed. How often should you request pool acid-washing services? How much acid-washing is too much? What are the positives of acid-washing, and what are the negatives?

Over the course of this blog post, we will answer these questions and more. Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at (561) 275-0069.

Pool Acid Washing to the Rescue

We chemically clean a pool-also known as acid washing-to eliminate those unsightly stains on porous pool plaster. Those stains come as a result of dirty water, algae, and the accumulation of bacteria. Once the water begins to look unusually murky despite frequent skimming and ongoing filtration, an acid-wash is in order.

While murky water and algae might not seem like a problem to some new pool owners, we are here to tell you otherwise. When algae can burrow itself deep into your pool's very-porous plaster and aggressively bloom, this results in even murkier water. That is why we always recommend acid-washing a pool any time the water begins to turn foggy.

Acid-Washing: How Often?

There are some individuals who believe that swimming pools should be acid washed any time a pool is drained. While we believe that acid-washing is very important, we think that owners should find ways to avoid this type of routine.

The reason we feel this way is that acid washing is an extremely intense method of cleaning. In fact, acid-washing will inevitably remove a thin layer of plaster from the pool itself. Too many treatments will only lead to re-plastering the pool sooner than necessary.

With proper care, your pool should only need an acid-wash treatment every five to seven years. If your pool is consistently murky, there may be more serious underlying issues at fault, and you should get in touch with our professionals.

How to Maintain Your Pool

To avoid re-plastering your pool sooner than necessary, we advise our clients to tend to their pool frequently. If they're unable to, experts such as us are only a phone call away. We offer a variety of services, from regular maintenance to deep cleanings.

Frequent cleaning, skimmers, algae brushes, and an adequate filtration system can keep plaster stains under control. Rest assured, algae will never get a chance to bloom within the pores of pool plaster if you practice proper pool care.

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