Firing Up Pools

If you have looked outside the last little while, you’ve noticed that pool season is already well underway. Just in case there were any latecomers, stragglers, or new pool owners just getting their feet wet, we thought we would send out a little dispatch.

Today, we will be discussing the process of firing up the pool. As some of the Pool Doctor’s clients might already know, the pool fire-up is a crucial step. In short, the fire-up process will determine your pool's lifespan and how much maintenance you need to conduct in the coming months and years.

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Pool Fire-Ups: Everything You Need to Know

Getting a pool ready for use requires more than a lot of water and some poolside beverages. Before you even think of getting into the pool, there are a few things that need to be done to protect it from unwanted grime, abrasion, and other issues.

The fire-up is a way of sealing the plaster surface of the pool to make sure none of the necessary chemicals cause unnecessary damage. After all that time spent plastering the pool, you wouldn’t want to see anything damage it, would you? We didn’t think so!

To fire up a pool is to carefully clean and inspect the pool’s new plaster frequently for several weeks before use. Whether it is your first time plastering the pool or applying a fresh coat of plaster to an old pool, this stage is essential.

What Happens During the Fire-up Process?

During this stage of pool maintenance, loose pieces of plaster may rise to the water's surface from time to time. Don’t panic—this is normal. You or your pool doctor will need to remove this plaster from the surface and brush other loose plaster from the walls and floor. We clean these surfaces to prevent ‘scaling’ and ‘staining’.

For that sort of work, we recommend using brushes like these.

How Often Should We Brush the Pool Surface?

Surfaces should be brushed daily at a minimum. Any time you notice the loose plaster, we suggest you get to work quickly. Doing so will ensure your pool is ready to go after the curing period ends. You’ll save yourself untold hours and lots of money in the future.

When is a New Pool Ready for Use?

The fire-up process typically takes around 28 days. During this time, the plaster is curing (hydrating) underwater.

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