Proactive Pool Treatment

5 Reasons You Need Proactive Pool Treatments This Summer

There’s nothing better than relaxing poolside, drink in hand, in the summertime. But if your pool isn’t properly maintained, you could end up staring into a swamp rather than a crystal-clear oasis. Pool treatments are meant to remove minerals, chemicals, and algae and keep your pool healthy the whole season long.

Here at the Palm Beach Pool Doctor, we offer a complete range of Proactive Pool Treatments designed to make pool maintenance easy for homeowners. Read on to find out how we can help you and your pool this year!

1. Algae love the sun as much as you do.

If you wanted to swim in murky, green, or brown water, you’d swim in one of the area’s famous lakes. Your pool though, should be crystal clear. To ensure that the algae don’t get out of control, our specialists will use a commercial-grade algaecide to get rid of it. This treatment should be done on a regular basis to ensure that you have the best quality water.

Want to do it yourself? Take a look at the high-quality algaecides that we sell and deliver locally!

2. Your pool is a leaf, grass, and grime magnet.

Unfortunately, it’s not just your kids, guests, and pets that love your pool. Organic detritus and debris do too. Moreover, these unwelcome guests have a bad habit of leaving nasty stains behind. Regular cleaning is the only solution.

Try one of our many pool vacuums and keep your pool clean and stain-free!

3. Too much or too little chlorine?

The pH balance in your pool should be around 7.4—the same pH as your own eyeballs and mucus membranes. To make sure your pool is properly chlorinated, try one of the many water testing kits in our online shop. Not only are these the kits we use for our proactive pool treatment services, but they are also affordably priced.

Keep the algae out and the good times going!

4. Get rid of those phosphates!

During the last ten to fifteen years, many municipalities began putting phosphates into the water supply. And while this is not a problem for drinking, it can cause issues for your pool. By using one of our phosphate removal kits, you’ll get better quality water and less algae. Hire our team to do it for you or buy the phosphate removers directly from us!

Best of all, we deliver our products locally!

5. Schedule your proactive pool treatments with the Doctor.

Is it time for an annual check-up? A weekly maintenance visit? A monthly service call? The Palm Beach Pool Doctor is at your service! We are the region’s leading pool service team, offering reliable and affordable pool treatments for all residents.

If you want to do all the maintenance yourself, we offer a complete range of pool cleaning tools, chemicals, and kits. We are your one-stop-shop for the DIY pool guy or girl. Choose from our many products right here on the site and select the delivery option for the ultimate convenience!

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