Proactive Pool Treatments

Proactive Pool Treatments: Stay on Top of Your Pool's Health

It is much easier to take proactive steps in protecting your pool than trying to repair it after it is damaged. Palm Beach Pool Doctor has a wide range of products and services that will help your pool stay clean and clear. Our proactive pool treatments will keep your pool fit for swimming, making sure you can always take a dip when you want to. We only supply high-quality and eco-friendly products, so you can guarantee we will provide you with superior materials and services.

There is a daunting amount of preventative pool treatment methods on the market. At Palm Beach Pool Doctor, however, we only use the most effective and efficient techniques. Our experienced and highly trained staff have the education and knowledge required to give you the accurate advice you need to keep your pool healthy.

Some of the products and methods we recommend using are:

1) Phosphate Remover

In the past decade or so, many areas across the country began treating their drinking water with phosphates. While this helps protect the hydro infrastructure, it also means that there is much more phosphate present in our water supplies. Removing phosphates from your pool can help increase your water quality and make it more sanitary. Removing the phosphates from your pool helps you control the growth of algae and helps keep your water fit for swimming.

Palm Beach Pool Doctor is happy to offer multiple phosphate removal products that are safe and effective.

2) Algaecide

Don't let the name fool you-algaecide is much more effective when used as a preventative tool than for removing large amounts of built-up algae. For example, on a particularly sunny day (when algae love to grow), you may wish to put a bit of algaecide in your pool in the morning to reduce any growth. Another essential time to treat your pool would be before you close it up for the season. If your pool is not going to be used for a long time, adding algaecide helps prevent algae from blooming during the offseason.

We are proud to offer high-quality algaecide products that can be delivered locally.

3) Stain Prevention

Keeping your pool looking great can be hard. All sorts of grime and organic materials can build up on your tiles throughout the season. Stay on top of this with one of our effective and safe stain prevention treatments and keep your pool looking spotless all year round. Our protective chemicals will shield your tiles from unsightly stains and help them last longer.

4) Weekly Maintenance Chemicals

Keeping the chemical levels in your pool balanced and safe isn't easy. Maintaining proper levels of pH and Alkalinity, as well as calcium hardness, is essential for keeping your pool safe, clean, and enjoyable. We offer maintenance chemicals to help with any problem your pool might have, such as raising or lowering your pH levels.

We can't stress enough how important it is to stay on top of your pool's chemical balances and get the levels tested regularly. Palm Beach Pool Doctor is here to help by providing the safe and effective chemicals you need to keep your pool healthy, along with local delivery and top-notch customer service.

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  1. sue says:

    This guy was awesome, called him on a Sunday with an emergency because we dint know how to work the pool equipment visiting from up north.
    He was so helpful called me back after i sent him pictures and helped us fix it thank God
    He was awesome refused payment just helped us he was great
    I recomend calling him with any of your pool issues. I am going to recomend him to the owner of the house we are visiting

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