4 Must-Buy Pool Products for Online Shoppers

Folks, it’s time we have a conversation about pool maintenance products.

When it comes to caring for your swimming pool, a little upkeep goes a long way. But no matter what kind of pool you have—whether it’s in-ground or above ground, vinyl-liner or concrete—it will need regular maintenance. And part of that means that you’ll need to make sure you have the right tools for the job.

Fortunately, we at Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. have developed this guide so that you can get all the equipment you need to keep your pool in great shape. If you’re looking to purchase these products, then head on over to our online store today!

Here are our 4 online products you must buy for your pool.

  • Algae Brush
  • When algae start to develop on your pool’s surfaces, it’s essential to have something to scrub it off.

    An algae brush is a simple, straightforward device for getting rid of that undesirable pool plague. Typically equipped with stainless-steel bristles, it’s designed to scrub deep into the pores of your surfaces and keep your pool––algae-free. It’s a must-have item for any pool owner.

    Note: If you have a vinyl-liner pool, you cannot use a stainless-steel brush. Opt instead for a brush with nylon bristles, which will be gentler and prevent damage to the pool’s surfaces.

    Our Recommendation: A & B Algae Brush

  • Pool Vacuum
  • Once you’ve scrubbed algae and any other grime off your pool’s surfaces, you’ll need some way to suck it up and out of the water. A pool vacuum makes this laborious process quick and painless. They’re also handy for removing leaves, flocculants, and other organic waste that finds its way into your pool.

    Both manual and automatic vacuums are available. We prefer the convenience of an automatic, but they tend to be more expensive. And while there may be some who prefer the sense of Zen that comes from hand-cleaning a pool, we definitely consider the time and back-ache saved with an automatic vacuum to be a worthwhile investment. Your mileage may vary.

    Our Recommendation: Dolphin Echo (Automatic Vacuum)

  • Leaf Rake
  • A leak rake is handy to have when you have a few leaves that have fallen into your pool, but not enough to make setting up the vacuum worthwhile. Leaf rakes are incredibly easy to use. With a large mesh bag on the end, they stop the leaves from falling back into the pool after you’ve skimmed the surface.

    Our Recommendation: Purity Pool 18’’ Fenix Leaf Rake

  • Telescoping Pole
  • Even though a telescoping pole does not serve any purpose on its own, it’s a useful instrument for extending your reach when using a brush, leaf rake, or a manual vacuum. And thanks to its telescoping design, you can lengthen it and shorten it to get a more comfortable grip. It also means you won’t have to continually walk around your pool to get closer to where the debris is. Heck—pull up a yard chair and skim your pool from the comfort of your seat!

    Our Recommendation: Lion Pool LP816I

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