Stain Prevention Chemicals

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this saying can certainly be confirmed by pool owners. An accumulation of chemicals and pollutants can not only affect the quality of your pool water, but also cause unsightly stains and discolorations to your pool’s lining.

Palm Beach Pool Doctor is a leading supplier of outstanding pool equipment and products. We carry and locally deliver a selection of pool sequestering agents, metal removers, and stain preventing solutions.

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Keep Your Pool Water Fresh and Clean with Stain Prevention Chemicals

Any pool owner will tell you the importance of regular maintenance, both for practical and aesthetic reasons. The multitude of chemicals used in pool water treatment can create the perfect breeding ground for stain-inducing bacteria.

By employing powerful, effective stain prevention chemicals, you help to keep your pool free of unsightly and unsanitary stains. You will also be keeping your pool’s water fresh and clean, regardless of the time of year.

Wide Range of Top-Quality Pool Maintenance Products

Palm Beach Pool Doctor can recommend from our extensive online store inventory of pool cleaning and maintenance products. Some of the products we carry and deliver are:

We work alongside leading producers and manufacturers of these products, and we are pleased to be able to pass on the savings to you.

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Keep Your Pool Free of Stains and Discoloration

Pool stain removers are commonly referred to as stain and scale chemicals by the pool industry. Their purpose is to keep minerals and metals dissolved in solution. When these minerals and metals come out of solution, they can stain your pool’s surface and lining. By keeping chemicals properly dissolved, you alleviate these problems. To combat this, we suggest our SeaKlear pool stain remover and Spa Pure pool stain preventer products.

Swiftly Remove Pool Stains with Our Prevention Chemicals

While pool stain removers will swiftly remove discoloration and bring your pool water back to balance, the easiest option is to choose pool stain prevention chemicals.

Choosing stain and scale chemicals also helps your pool’s longevity. It reduces the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance, and wasteful measures like full drainages to remove surface stains.

All our products are highly effective and powerful, yet safe for your home and family!

Palm Beach Pool Doctor Supplies All Your Pool Maintenance Needs

We specialize in all services related to pool services, including firing-up, repair, maintenance and treatment, deep cleaning and more. We have all the resources and industry expertise necessary to serve pools of all sizes and types.

With our powerful, well-priced products, you can enjoy a well-kept pool all year around. As always, our staff of professional pool specialists can recommend and advise on a wide variety of products. Whatever your pool needs, you can be confident that we supply it and deliver it––safely.

Keep your pool free of stains and discoloration. We guarantee your satisfaction with our outstanding products and services.

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