Discover the Best Vacuum Cleaners for Your Pool

If you own a pool in Palm Beach County there’s no way you haven’t heard of Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. We offer the region’s leading pool maintenance service. Our team is able to handle everything from repairs to maintenance so that you can get back to enjoying the good times—pool side!

On top of our legendary pool maintenance and repair services, we also sell a wide range of pool vacuum cleaners. If you’re interested in a pool vacuum robot that’ll get at that hard-to-reach deep end, we have Dolphin Zodiac and Hayward robotic cleaners. If it’s a more traditional pool vacuum you’re after, check out our Pentair Dorado and Pentair Rebels.

You’re sure to find just the pool cleaner you need at Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. Check out our online shop or drop by the brick-and-mortar at 1660 S Congress Avenue in Boynton Beach!

Pentair Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Among the most popular pool vacuums on the market, the Pentair Dorado boasts a Bristle-Drive Technology that’ll do a number on even the toughest dirt and debris. With an oversized vacuum inlet, not even large objects like leaves and twigs will slow it down. Its oscillator and programmed steering will help it navigate around underwater obstacles so that nothing can stop it!

Or try the Pentair Rebel. With its compact design and dual-action roller skirt, the Pentair Rebel provides an unparalleled clean all the way to the water line!

Hayward Navigator V-Flex and Hayward AquaNaut

Hayward is an industry leader for pool products. And their pool cleaners are no exception.

The Navigator V-Flex comes with patented SmartDrive technology for easy and programmable navigation. It also has the patented V-Flex variable vane turbine which makes it nearly impossible to clog with large debris. With maximum suction power, it’s one of the most reliable vacuums available!

The AquaNaut 200 and AquaNaut 400 also comes with Hayward’s patented variable vane technology for better suction and fewer clogs. It will climb walls and has an easily programmable navigation system. Plus, it comes with 40 meters of hose and a 2 year warranty––we’re very excited about this amazing vacuum cleaner!

Dolphin Echo and Dolphin S300—Pool Cleaners by Maytronics

The Dolphin S300 and the Dolphin Echo are the culmination of over 32 years of research and development. These premium cleaners boast programmable and remote-control navigation options. With the patented PowerStream mobility, the Dolphin S300 can climb just about any surface, vertical or horizontal!

And, because they use a waterproof 40-foot power cable rather than a suction hose, the Dolphin robotic pool cleaners won’t get tangled!

Zodiac MX6 and Zodiac MX8 Pool Cleaners

This super-efficient suction-powered pool cleaners are time-tested and pool-proven. With X-Drive Navigation, the intelligent bi-directional navigation system will easily climb walls, encircle drains and even clear at the waterline! The articulating turbine blades allow for maximum efficiency—even on low-flow pumps. When it comes to pool cleaners, the Zodiac is the leader in its class!

Come by the Shop to Get a Closer Look at Our Pool Vacuums

We could spend all day describing our vacuums. But if you want to get a good sense of what you like, it’s best to come by the shop to speak with our experts!

Call us at (561) 275-0069 for more information!

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